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As the number of people who choose cremation increases, so does the variety of urns and keepsakes available. There are many different types of urns in which to place the cremated remains of a loved one, including elegant urns suitable for ground burial or display, containers designed to fit into mausoleum and columbarium niches and carefully crafted urns specially designed to facilitate scattering.

Whether you want to establish a permanent place of remembrance in a cemetery or cremation garden or wish to scatter all or a portion of the cremated remains, there are many options available to meet your needs, preferences and budget. These urns and keepsakes are a beautiful way to memorialize a life well-lived.


For those who choose cremation, cemeteries and cremation gardens offer many options to create a lasting legacy. From ground burial to inurnment in a mausoleum or columbarium niche, the type and size of the urn selected will depend on how you choose to memorialize a special life.

  • When ground burial is chosen, the urn is commonly placed into an urn vault.
  • Cremation niches may have a solid or glass front, so the urn may or may not be visible.
  • Glass-front niches allow unique and personalized urns to be seen by friends and family; the availability varies by cemetery or garden.

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Many families choose to keep some or all of the cremated remains of their loved one as a tribute to a special life. The cremated remains may be divided into portions for family members and placed in beautiful keepsakes that can be displayed in the home.

In addition to taking a portion of a loved one’s cremated remains home in an urn or keepsake, many families create a place of lasting remembrance for future generations in a cemetery or cremation garden. For more cremation memorialization options, click here or contact us today.

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If you choose to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one, there are many urn options available. There are urns that have a removable lid, so cremated remains can be scattered easily. There are also several eco-friendly designs such as paper or biodegradable cloth vessels that can be buried or placed in a body of water. Handcrafted, pressed-paper urns—specially designed for scattering cremated remains in the ocean or another body of water—will float for a moment of final farewell and then sink gracefully.

It is important to remember that scattering is a permanent and irreversible event; many families who prefer scattering also choose to keep a portion of a loved one’s cremated remains in a keepsake urn or piece of memorial jewelry.

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Although companion urns serve the same basic purpose of traditional urns—storing cremated remains—they can be exponentially more meaningful, since they offer couples the opportunity to remain perpetually side-by-side. Certainly more than just larger versions of traditional urns, companion urns are carefully designed as a unique memorial for individuals who share an unbreakable bond. Companion urns have long served the double duty of memorializing not only each person but also the couple who had become one through the eternal love they pledged.

Companion urns can be personalized and are offered in a variety of materials and styles such as wood, bronze, marble, glass and more. For couples choosing cremation, the urn they select can speak volumes about their lives and the family they have created, helping precious memories stay alive for generations to come.

More Urns and Keepsakes

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