Types of Services

Types of Services

Selecting cremation does not diminish the important need for some type of gathering that will honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. Paying tribute is an essential part of the grieving and healing process. Cremation, like burial, is a separate event from a funeral or memorial service.

Having a gathering is often recommended by grief counselors and families who have experienced a loss. Friends and family can come together either before or after the cremation has taken place, and with or without the body or urn present. This provides a sense of closure and offers an environment where it’s acceptable for friends and family to express grief and condolences.

The following types of services are available for families and individuals who choose cremation and may be customized to accommodate your needs and preferences:

  • Cremation With a Visitation and Funeral Ceremony
    A visitation and funeral may be held with the body present before the cremation takes place. It is important to remember that you will need to select a suitable container to hold your loved one during any service at which the body is present. This will be the last time your loved one will be seen, and those who participate will forever remember this final image as they say goodbye to a special life. Therefore, we offer a variety of choices for families who choose to have a visitation and funeral, including ceremonial caskets (if available) and cremation caskets.
  • Cremation With a Memorial Service
    Families may also choose to have a service without the body present and with or without the urn present. This memorial may be as personalized as you wish, and it can range from an informal gathering at a chapel, home or other significant location to a larger ceremony at a church or funeral home. This type of service allows family and friends to pay tribute to a life well-lived and can take place before or after the cremation.
  • Direct Cremation With No Service
    Some families prefer a direct cremation with no services held before or after the cremation. Even when choosing direct cremation without a service, a family member or representative is strongly encouraged to visually identify the loved one after we receive him or her into our care and before the cremation. This final opportunity to say goodbye to the loved one in a peaceful and private setting may provide comfort and assurance, since cremation is an irreversible event. Other important decisions that will need consideration are selecting a container to shelter and hold a loved one until and during the cremation and choosing an urn in which to place the cremated remains (ashes) after the cremation takes place.

The need to remember is universal, regardless of the type of service you choose. Consider the benefits of paying tribute to your loved one with a meaningful service and establishing a permanent place of remembrance. For more information, please contact us today.

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