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Many families and individuals choose cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. The reasons vary and may be based on personal, religious or societal beliefs.

Cremation is simply one way of preparing your loved one for remembrance and memorialization. There is still a need for a meaningful gathering to commemorate or celebrate the special life of that loved one and to assist survivors in the grieving and healing process. This tribute can take place before or after cremation and may be as personalized as you wish.

Losing something like a bike or a watch is hard, especially if we never get it back again. Losing a friend or a grand- parent or a pet is even harder. Sometimes we lose people because we have to move far away from them. We fear they will forget us or that we will never see them again. Sometimes a friend or a pet or a family member dies, and that is the hardest loss of all. When people slip out of our lives, we try as hard as we can to remember everything about them. We listen to their favorite songs or eat special foods that they liked to cook. We revisit a place where we had once been together or carry on a ritual that we had both enjoyed. As long as we keep people in our memory, we have not lost them completely. As time passes, however, we know that even the most precious memories fade.
A memorial can be as fleeting as a concert in someone’s honor, or as long- lasting as a bronze plaque attached to a strong wall. A memorial can be as private as a tree planted in a garden or as public as a donation of fine drawings given to a museum in memory of a friend. The most common way to hold someone in our memory, however, is to try to preserve some aspect of the actual, physical person. We take photo and preserve the person on paper. We record the voice on tape. We make a video so that we can always see the person moving about on film. We click to investigate https://typemyessays.com/paraphrasing-tool so they can help us to write poems or essays or books to try to reconstruct the person in words. We make paintings and drawings and sculptures to try to give the body form again. If a memorial is created to keep a memory alive, the memorial itself must be durable. For that reason, bronze has always been a favorite medium. Bronze can be battered without breaking. It can survive strong sun- light, rain, snow, heat, and cold. It cannot be ripped or cut. It is hard to scratch or dent. Three of the four memorials discussed in this Art to Zoo, representing three different continents and stretching across thirty centuries, are made of bronze.

Memorializing a loved one’s cremated remains in a columbarium, cremation garden, family estate or other designated area is also a very important part of the grieving process. This permanent memorial location gives families, friends and future generations a place to remember and pay tribute to that special life. Ask your funeral arranger about the many ways you can memorialize your loved one or plan ahead to leave your own lasting legacy.

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