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Please let us know about your experience with Neptune Society of Northern California. If for any reason you were dissatisfied with the service, please let us know, so we may work to resolve any short comings.

My 105-year-old grandmother had just passed away. I was very stressed, depressed, and exhausted after just going through one of the worst experiences in my life while taking care of my grandmother as she entered into the last and final chapter in her life.

Even though my grandmother already had prepaid plans for her service with the Neptune Society, some relatives wanted changes. I was caught in-between the entire mess since I was the contact person on the Neptune Society contract.

Dayna, the funeral director was very kind, caring, compassionate, and patient as I attempted to choose the correct path that would have made my grandmother happy and satisfy my other immediate relative’s choices.

I give Dayna full credit for making my grandmother’s service the best that it could be in a depressing chapter in one’s life. I would highly recommend the Neptune Society in Castro Valley due to the excellent customer service of Dayna Jackson.

Alan A.
Fremont, CA

So thankful for Elaine at the Stockton Neptune Society. She was kind, compassionate, and professional. She was there for us during a difficult time and helped us with every step.

Jody A.
Stockton, CA

My mom passed away in 2015. It didn’t dawn on me to write a review until now as I prepare for another death in the family. Prior to my mom’s death, no arrangements had been made as she donates everything to science and other organizations. In the end, her illnesses made her and unviable donor. We moved quickly and the Livermore office could not have been more supportive and understanding at that difficult time. Options were presented and every question patiently answered. Sadly, I will be using this service again soon, but I worry less as Neptune has shown they are a quality service. I appreciate their human interaction to ensure all my needs were addressed and I had good information.

Corey N.
Livermore, CA

I have to credit my mother for signing up with the Neptune Society in the first place. When she had done it twenty years before her death, she told me I’m doing this for your kids to make it easier when I pass. She was so right. The NS picked her up within three hours of her death even though she was in Ukiah. After that, they took care of everything. The cremation, the spreading of the ashes and keeping us informed of everything along the way. Thank You, Michelle and team. My wife and I will be signing up ourselves.

Santa Rosa, CA

Tolofi and the staff of Neptune Society went the extra mile to make what is a devastating time in any one’s life more bearable. Completing the paperwork and notifications lifted a burden and allowed personal healing to begin.

Carol T.
Belmont, CA

My Brother and I received excellent service From Bari. She was very helpful and accommodating. Everything went smoothly.

Tina S.
Palo Cedro, CA

Thank you to Noel who handled my sisters’ cremation affairs. My sister had already made the arrangements for cremation, but Noel helped me with the final necessary paperwork and I am in the Chicago area. I did get the pleasure of meeting Noel and I would recommend her completely.

Bob G.
Belmont, CA

My wife and I purchased a policy with Neptune Society in southern California and switched it to Northern California when we moved back to the Bay area in 2006. After my wife passed in early September I contacted the Walnut Creek office and was put in touch with Bari Hendershot. Her professionalism and compassion in guiding me through the process were absolutely outstanding. I was provided with all of the information necessary and received what was required to put my dear wife to rest. I highly recommend Bari and the staff at the Walnut Creek Neptune Society office.

Michael R.
Martinez, CA

I can’t say enough how pleasant my experience with the staff was. From the beginning to the end Samuel Rodriguez was there with the answers and that extra help and kindness. I was explained in a very detailed manner, the time frame and any additional questions that I had he was ready with the answer. This made this experience for the family go very smoothly.

Thank you again

Annie H.
Berkeley, CA

Really less complicated than I expected, relaxed and thoughtful help was perfect on their part. Thanks. G B Nelson

Barry N.
Chico, CA

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