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If a death has occurred or you are in need of immediate assistance, please call us at (209) 955-4090 or (877) 955-4090.

  • Neptune Society of Stockton, building entrance
    Neptune Society of Stockton, building entrance
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    Neptune Society of Stockton, lobby
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    Neptune Society of Stockton, arrangement room 1
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    Neptune Society of Stockton, arrangement room
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Contact Information

Neptune Society of Northern California - Stockton

2819 West March Lane A4
Stockton, CA 95219

Call Now: (209) 955-4090 or (877) 955-4090

Office Hours: Open 24 Hours

FD#: 1502

About Us

For 30 years, Neptune Society of Northern California in Stockton has been providing cremation services for the communities of San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Calavera and Amador counties.

Cremation is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. First, it’s simple. And compared to burial, a low-cost cremation is affordable. Cremation is also considered a more eco-friendly alternative. Lastly, cremation offers flexibility. When you choose cremation, you can schedule a funeral service at any time — ideal if you have out-of-town family and friends.

Preneed and at-need cremation services in Stockton

Whether you need to arrange a cremation at the time of a loss or you’re planning ahead, Neptune Society of Northern California is ready to assist you. Our Stockton staff is experienced and friendly and will make sure your service reflects your wishes.

You can plan ahead for cremation to lighten your family’s burden. Your family will be able to focus on remembering you without having to make difficult decisions. You’ll also lock-in at today’s rate, saving money in the long run.

When you plan cremation services with us, we are with you every step of the way. You’ll have help with:

  • Service scheduling
  • Transportation of your loved one
  • Determining the type of service you’d like
  • Arranging for the venue
  • Coordinating with clergy
  • Adding personal touches, like speakers, songs and readings
  • Ideas for scattering or merchandise for storing ashes
  • Personalizing ash scattering
  • Selecting urns and ash storage, as well as choosing a niche
  • Writing the obituary
  • Legal documents

Stockton cremation specialists

Our Stockton cremation specialists have decades of experience. We are committed to serving our community. You deserve a personalized service that tells your story. Let us help you plan a cremation service that honors your legacy and the details of your life.

You can request more information to learn what services we have available in Stockton. We also offer free informational seminars so that you can meet us and ask any questions you may have.

The Neptune Society of Northern California has provided a simple and affordable option for more than 125,000 Californians who choose cremation as their final arrangement. With 11 offices, chapels, and a 24-hour services center, we are equipped to respond quickly and professionally to the needs of the families we serve. Visit us today or call (415) 898-1868.

Recent Testimonials

I thought I was prepared to handle my mother’s affairs, but as I found out I wasn’t. Elaine ** with the Neptune Society of Stockton came to my aid and assisted me through a very difficult time. Honoring my mother’s request was made easier and followed to her exact wishes. I want to thank Elaine and the Neptune Society of Stockton for their compassion and care for my mother and me.

Randal S.
Manteca, CA

Our counselor was very prepared and professional.

Pat C.
Stockton, CA

So thankful for Elaine at the Stockton Neptune Society. She was kind, compassionate, and professional. She was there for us during a difficult time and helped us with every step.

Jody A.
Stockton, CA

Birth and Death are the most unusual times of our lives. We have no control over how and when it happens. Elaine at the Neptune Office in Stockton off of Robinhood was our personal Angel. She anticipated every obstacle and gently helped us through. I couldn’t be more impressed with their professionalism and empathy. Thank you Neptune Society

Fondaffection B.
Elk Grove, CA

Both the prearrangements and the final arrangement were carried out with the professionalism expected at a delicate time. Norma in the Stockton office was especially compassionate and helpful. Thank you for your excellent service.

Jacqui B.
Stockton, CA

My Mom passed away May 14, 2018
I wasn’t expecting it. I knew she had made funeral arrangements years ago but I was surprised at how everything was so well taken care of. Norma from the Stockton Neptune Society called me the day after she passed away. She handled everything for me. I didn’t have to worry about a single detail. I can’t praise Norma and the Stockton office enough.

Shannon S.
San Bruno, CA

My husband died of Alzheimer’s Disease a month ago while in Windsor Hampton Care Center. The Neptune Society on Robinhood Drive in Stockton arranged for his body to be picked up in a tasteful way with a red blanket draped over him (not the dreaded black bag you see on TV). They generously allowed myself and my daughter to spend about 45 minutes of quiet time with my deceased husband before they took him away from the facility. I met with Neptune’s Stockton manager, Elaine, a few days later to arrange for the receipt of a few copies of the death certificate, which necessitated her contacting the hospice physician several times in order to get the original death certificate signed. She also arranged for my daughter and I an identification viewing at the crematory in Sacramento to make sure it was my husband being cremated that particular day. We were so glad to get a second chance to say goodbye to my beloved husband. All details throughout the entire cremation arrangement process were patiently explained by Neptune’s manager and it was a good experience every time we met with her or spoke with her on the phone. She did a most excellent job of handling our contract in a consoling and calming way. There is a 12-weeks-of-Peace program online that Neptune offers freely to grieving family members as well. I heartily recommend The Neptune Society on Robinhood Drive in Stockton for any family considering the cremation process for the death of a loved one.

Janice H.
Sacramento, CA

Elaine, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help me through this difficult time. You went above and beyond to make this process so easy for me, even staying late when I made mistakes. You are truly amazing! Thank you so much!

Kendee H.
Stockton, CA

“Our Parents had Neptune arrangements along with both My Husband & Myself. My Father handled my Mothers and when we went to handle my Fathers, Elaine took exceptional care of everything! My opinion, by having this paid for in advance surely relieves many questions one would have to make decisions on at the time of sorrow. Thank you so very much Neptune Society, please note that Ms. Elaine from West Robinhood Dive, Stockton, is a very great asset to your firm, wonderful and very easy going, ‘thank you too Elaine’ !!!” –Sissy H., Tracy, CA

Sissy H
Tracy, CA

“Wanted to thank you for being so patient and caring while we tried to get things “pulled together.” I would imagine your role goes somewhat taken for granted and I “(we)” wanted you to know you truly are appreciated.”

Beverly W. of Stockton, CA

“Dear Elaine and Jennifer, words do not begin to explain how grateful I am for your compassion and help. Your kindness was just a gift from God – especially after the problems with St. Louis. I’m sure you would have met me with a kind heart, no matter what. I belive God has a special place for you two in heaven. I will contact you in the future to talk about arrangements for me. God Bless you both.”

Pamela Huff of Modesto, CA

“I had such a wonderful morning in San Francisco today. I went over on the Ferry and got to Pier 39 around 8am. I thought I might be late. Evan, the representative guy, came out and we confirmed that my Mom was on the list and there on the Boat. They told me they will start going out around 9-9:15, so I went to have some coffee. The weather was so nice there this morning, very clear and sunny. When I came back, Evan came out and gave me a few flowers to drop in the water. I was the only family person that came today. Also the Sea Lions were there and barking, great chorus. I saw the Boat go over to the Gold Coast area near Marin where they do the scattering. Several Pastors were also on the boat. The Neptune Society did a great job! I got back on the Ferry at 10am to go back to Alameda. I really know my Mother was smiling down today. Thanks for everything Elaine. “

Harry Hartman of Stockton, CA

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The Neptune Society of Northern California - Stockton Team

Our dedicated and highly-trained staff at Neptune Society of Northern California in Stockton are prepared to answer all your questions about cremation and funeral arrangements.

Our Services

Neptune Society of Northern California in Stockton is a premier provider of funeral and cremation services. Our goal is to offer a simple, affordable and ecologically gentle alternative to traditional final arrangements. We have been proudly serving families of the San Joaquin area, as well as Calaveras-Tuolumne and Amador counties since 1993.

As a one-stop resource on funeral and cremation services in Stockton, we offer a variety of services that you and your family can readily discuss with our professional and caring staff.

Cremation services we offer include direct cremation, cremation with a visitation and funeral ceremony, and cremation with a memorial service. Our personalized memorialization services are tailored to help make a final tribute a meaningful and lasting expression of a special life.

Our various Neptune Society of Northern California offices are also available to discuss options on personalized ash scattering with The Naiad, urn selections, and niche placement at The Columbarium. To learn more about our services, you may request information here.

Veteran Information

San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
32053 West McCabe Rd.
Santa Nella, CA 95322

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery
5810 Midway Road
Dixon, CA 95620

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