What Happens Next

What Happens Next

The Arrangement Conference

You will be contacted by your funeral arranger shortly in order to setup a time and place to meet and discuss arrangements that will best celebrate the life of your loved one. You will be visiting the funeral home, and several items will be needed for this meeting. Most of these are outlined in the following section. Please take a moment to review these needed items to ensure that you have the necessary information for the meeting with your funeral arranger.

Your arrangement conference will probably last several hours. During this time, your funeral arranger will help you to plan, at your pace and comfort, how to best remember and memorialize your loved one. An agenda of the arrangement conference appears in the following section. At any time, please feel free to ask any questions, voice any concerns or discuss any subjects that may come to mind, no matter how trivial they may seem. Our goal is to assist you in creating a personal, inspirational tribute to someone you hold dear.

Cremation Arrangements

It is important to remember that cremation is simply one part of the final memorialization process. You can still plan a funeral service or tribute to be held either before or after cremation to celebrate the life of your loved one. Cremation also offers a wide range of memorialization options including burial, inurnment in a mausoleum or columbarium and cremation memorials.

Your funeral arranger or cemetery family service counselor can explain all the arrangement options available to you and your family.

The Arrangement Process

Step 1 Sharing Information

  • Vital Statistics – Death certificates and other documents
  • Family History and Special Memories – People are not the same…why should funerals be?
  • Obituary – Lasting online tributes and traditional options

Step 2 Personal Choices

  • Gather – Bring family and friends together
  • Remember – Celebrate and honor a life in a unique way
  • Tribute – Select burial or cremation memorialization options
  • Keepsake – Give a lasting memento of a loved one

Step 3 Confirming Arrangements

  • Service Details – Confirm key decisions
  • Financial Arrangements – Select payment options: check, credit card, insurance assignment

Step 4 Other Assistance

  • We’re here for you – Our caring service continues

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