How Can This Guide Help?

We realize this is a very difficult time for you and your family. We would like you to know that we’re here to help—any way we can.

When death occurs, there are many decisions that must be made, and numerous facts and documents that must be gathered. This document is designed to help guide you through a very personal planning process. It will give you an idea of what you might expect and things to keep in mind. For your information, a list of some typical questions concerning funeral and memorial services is included in the section called Frequently Asked Questions. For your convenience, we encourage you to print out this Arrangement Conference Guide, add your notes to it and bring it with you to your arrangement conference.

Grieving for a loved one is a very personal experience. No one can understand exactly what you are going through at this time, but please know that you are not alone. We realize that in placing your trust in us, you have also placed us in charge of some of the most personal and meaningful plans you will ever have to make. It is our privilege to serve you, and our solemn promise that we will do our utmost to make this difficult time a little easier and to see that you are secure and comfortable with the choices you make. We hope that together we can create a unique and satisfying remembrance of your loved one.

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Immediate Assistance

If a death has occurred, please fill out the form below and select "Yes" to contact Neptune Society of Northern California.