Wanting to avoid sorrow and pain is very natural. In fact, people can go to extremes to avoid these and other uncomfortable feelings. However, grieving is a necessary part of loss. It is the only way for you and others you care for to begin to heal.

When you lose someone you love, sadness and pain are natural emotions. When you allow yourself to fully experience them, you are acknowledging how important the person was to you. In addition, when you express your emotions to the other people in your life, and give them the opportunity to do the same, this sharing creates a special bond as well as being an important release.

Although many people are uncomfortable with the emotions of grieving, they should not only be allowed but also encouraged. Young children, especially, need this support when they have lost someone who was dear to them. Whether they express in tears or words, or both, it is as essential to youngsters as it is to the adults. They need to know that what they are feeling is valid, understood, and important.

The funeral service and special time at home are two of the most appropriate settings for sharing the grieving process. You are in a safe place, surrounded by people who care about you, and cared for your loved one as well. They understand what you are going through, and their compassion will make all the difference in the world. The companionship expressed through words or a hug will make this difficult time easier for everyone in your family.

Sharing the grieving process with others is almost always for the best. A time of loss is not the time to be alone. You and your other family members and friends can be there for each other, and be supportive of what each person is going through. When you feel safe and supported, you can express your deepest emotions. This is the essential first step toward healing and being able to move on with your life. The grieving process will not last forever, but the bonds you create with others will.

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