The staff of the Neptune Society of Northern California Stockton will be present at the San Joaquin County Clinics Annual Community Health Fair to help educate their community about how to stay in shape, stay healthy, and keep themselves and their loved ones safe. The event will be hosted at the San Joaquin General Hospital (SJGH) Campus at 500 W. Hospital Rd in French Camp, CA on Saturday, October 22nd from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

The Community Health Fair will provide numerous opportunities for families to interact with the medical community to learn more about medications, healthy habits, health issues for children and the elderly, and safety information. Some of the information that will be provided includes stroke awareness, medication reviews, information about nurse home-visits, information about government medical programs, and fall prevention safety tips. Families will also have access to screenings for a wide variety of issues including blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass, and dental health and will have access to hearing and vision testing.

Neptune Society of Northern California will be hosting a booth at the health fair dedicated to providing information and answering questions about Neptune Society of Northern California and the services they provide to help secure the futures of their members. They will also have a prize wheel for guests to have a chance at winning a variety of gifts.

“We believe it is important to bring awareness to the community about our organization as well as show the importance of learning about general health, illness prevention, and health screenings,” service manager of Neptune Society of Northern California Stockton Elaine Araya said.

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One of the ways Neptune Society of Northern California helps families take control of their health and protect their loved ones is by tackling end-of-life planning far in advance. By considering what one wants for themselves before the time of need, one can take control of their late-life health and financial affairs while creating a memorial that reflects who they are as a person and the unique life they lived. Neptune Society of Northern California respectfully helps families through the process of creating an affordable cremation plan that lifts the burden of planning off grieving loved one’s shoulders and lets people decide what they want for themselves. Neptune Society of Northern California also assists families at the time when a loved one passes away, taking them into their care and providing dignified and low-cost cremation services.

For more information about Neptune Society of Northern California, their role in the San Joaquin County Annual Community Health Fair, or how the caring staff has assisted families through the cremation planning process, contact their office over the phone, online, or in person.

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