Is an Urn Required for Cremation?

Video Transcript

Is an urn required for cremation? The answer is no, but our recommendation is, depending on the type of permanent placement that you’d like to have for your loved one, to look at the different options available. There are a variety of options available not only in choice and personalization but also in price. Contact your local provider, and they can help make the right decision for you.

Answers from Other Funeral Directors Around the United States:

An urn is anything that holds cremated remains. If you already have an urn, you can provide it to our staff. Otherwise, our staff will help you determine what type of urn would be best whether you plan to bury the remains, scatter them, or keep them at home.

- Abby Schilling
Funeral Director in Richfield, MN

No, but a final container for the remains is required, although it can be anything from a plastic bag to an elaborate urn.

- Jessica Watts
Funeral Director in Jacksonville, FL

After cremation, cremated remains are placed in a temporary container. While this is suitable for an immediate storage, it is recommended to choose an urn that is designed for either shipping, scattering, burial, or long term storage at home.

- Michael Sollitto
Funeral Director in Charlotte, NC

What are you and the family wanting to do with the cremated remains? This will assist in determining what, if any, urns are needed. From here we may address this need specifically, and offer our insight on which urn is best for a family.

- C. A. Bankston
Funeral Director in Fort Worth, TX