How is a Service at a National Cemetery with Military Honors Scheduled?

Video Transcript

Scheduling a service at a veteran cemetery with military honors is something your funeral director does all the time. It’s something that they’re very familiar with. They know the state and federal regulations. We would need to first obtain the deceased DD214 Form, which is the form that indicates that they were honorably discharged from their branch of service.

Please check with your local funeral director, and they will be able to provide you with the up‑to‑date information regarding the local veteran cemetery.

Answers from Other Funeral Directors Around the United States:

Our staff will help you schedule burial at a National Cemetery and other military honors. A copy of the veteran’s military discharge papers (aka DD414) will help expedite the eligibility process and in some cases may be required.

- Abby Schilling
Funeral Director in Richfield, MN

Funeral directors can assist in scheduling this, but families can contact their local Veterans’ Affairs and discuss local National Cemeteries and schedule military honors.

- Michael Sollitto
Funeral Director in Charlotte, NC

We will assist with scheduling a service at the national cemetery. We must be provided with the DD214 or honorable discharge certificate before scheduling any military service or honors. Once we have been provided this information, a date and time for the service will be requested from the family and the scheduling will begin. The National Cemetery only schedules services Monday-Friday 9:00am-2:30pm, and there are a few holiday exceptions. We will also request military honors from the branch of service one week (7 days) prior to the committal service.

- Jessica Watts
Funeral Director in Jacksonville, FL