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Please let us know about your experience with Neptune Society of Northern California. If for any reason you were dissatisfied with the service, please let us know, so we may work to resolve any short comings.

Throughout the process, everyone we dealt with went out of their way to be helpful. Sam explained the steps clearly, made every effort to keep the process moving forward, and notified me promptly about any schedule changes. As is often the case during times like these, it was hard to think coherently, but Sam was very patient. For example, I initially didn’t order engraving on my husband’s urn, but then decided I would like it after all, and he facilitated getting it done. My husband had a prepaid policy, which was honored to the letter. The death of a loved one is a difficult time, but Sam’s kindness made it a little less stressful to navigate.

Susan T.
Richmond, CA

I can not say enough about the entire staff at Neptune in Stockton. When my friend passed away at 3 am I was lost as to what to do. I called Neptune because my dad has his arrangements with them. I’m 45 minutes away from them and the staff was there to help me. From the first second of talking on the phone, they were helpful, compassionate, respectful, they did not rush me they were very patient and kind. They were gentle when picking up the body and answered all my questions. When I went to sign papers they were very understanding and helpful they didn’t judge my low-income status and helped find ways to lower the cost and gave me time to raise the funds. They even called the veterans office and handled getting arrangements made for burial and tried getting my friends family involved when I could not. The staff worked as a team and I felt at peace. The staff has big hearts and I felt like they had my friends best interest and felt as if they had me in big hugs the entire time. Thank you for being there for me Neptune of Stockton without you I could not have gotten through the hardest part of the circle of life. God bless you all.

Cynthia F.
San Jose, CA

I purchased a policy for my funeral.

Patricia L.
Walnut Creek, CA

I can not say enough about the Neptune Society, and Kelly W. A few years ago my wife and I decided to be proactive concerning our wants when we pass. We attended one of the Neptune Society seminars to answer our questions. Not only did we sign up, but we also added my mother. Ie. three accounts.
Recently my mother passed, and once we contacted the society, they stepped in within an hour. I was expecting confusion and could not believe how good everyone associated with the society helped us. There are so many things to do. Most people do not know where to start, but the society does. I can not say enough good things about this group. They kept us informed and were by our side for weeks after.
I recommend everyone who is considering cremation to attend their seminar and learn about this service.
Thank You Neptune Society
Alan K.

Alan K.
Pleasant Hill, CA

My husband and I contracted with the Neptune Society many years ago. When he died, they came within a few hours to take him away, and they delivered the remains to the church of our choice in plenty of time for the burial services. Everything worked perfectly.

Constance C.
Cupertino, CA

Ryan, was so patient and helpful when making arrangements for my Sister’s husband who had just passed. Unfortunately, he did not have a medical directive or trust, so we were trying to make appropriate choices. Ryan did not rush us or try to sell us something we did not feel we needed. He took care of all the arrangements even contacting the VA Cemetery, internment and my Sister, when her time comes, can be buried near him. Ryan, thanks for all your assistance and helping us through these difficult times, Regards, Electrice ** and Linda **.

Electrice C.
Castro Valley, CA

Thank you so much for all that you did for our family after my Dad’s passing. It was such a relief to know that all would be taken care of quickly and efficiently. During such a difficult time, there are so many things to think about and to do, and this was one thing we didn’t have to stress about getting done. When we purchased the plan for my Dad and ourselves, we were promised exactly what was delivered. Ms. Mundt was very considerate and efficient, as well, in dealing with us. We so appreciate the help and kindness. Thank you again.

Carole D.
Sacramento, CA

I would like to publicly thank the Neptune Society for their compassion and grace. Linda Feldman, the Area Manager, was especially kind and
understanding and went beyond the call of duty in her tireless effort on behalf of our loved one. Sharon I.

Dave & Sharon I.
San Francisco, CA

My girls and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. Your expertise and caring made our decisions much easier. you think you know exactly what to do when someone passes and then your world just comes falling down on you and all that you thought you knew suddenly disappears.
We absolutely love our hearts with Ronnies remains on them. Who knew how very comforting it would truly be.
Neptune is very fortunate to have you representing them. You deeply care about those of us that need you, and we never met before all of this.
You are a true Blessing.

Kathy B.
Saint Helena, CA

Thank you, Margaret, for all of the compassionate help with dealing with my Dad’s recent death. As though losing him wasn’t hard enough, he was a 4-hour trip away from where I live, as he had been in rehab in Chico, which made the situation even more difficult. You were so kind and helpful and walked me through all the details from a distance. I’m so grateful that you were there to get my family through this tough time. Thank you.

Jane S.
Arcata, CA

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