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How to Plan Ahead

preplan cremation

How to get started

We proudly offer the Simplicity Plan Prearrangement Program that offers two flexible and easy ways to make these important decisions ahead of time.

1- The Simplicity Planner is a comprehensive workbook that lets you document information your family will need to know regarding your wishes and how to celebrate your life. It also provides a place for you to record information as to where to locate your bank accounts, insurance policies and other items of importance so that your family won’t have to search unnecessarily.

To request a free Simplicity Planner, please visit our Contact Us page, and fill out the form selecting the “I'd like preplanning information and a FREE Simplicity Planner” option.

2- We are also pleased to offer an online preplanning portal available exclusively through this website called Simplicity Plan. Simplicity Plan is one of the most complete, secure and valuable online planning programs available on the Internet because it walks you step-by-step through the planning process, helping you organize, document and store everything your family will need in a single, secure online location. Should you become incapacitated or pass away, your family will have immediate access to your personal, financial and legal information necessary to make educated final decisions on your behalf. And, since everything lives in a single, secure location online, you can have additional peace of mind knowing that this information cannot be lost or destroyed in the event of fire, flood or human error.

To learn more about our exclusive online planning program, click here.

Both options take the worry and confusion out of the preplanning process. We also make it easy on those who will have to carry out your wishes because they'll know just where to go and what to do, thanks to our Simplicity Plan prearrangement program.

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