When someone has suffered a loss, it’s only natural to want to send them a message that you care. Many people do this with flowers. So, what should you send?

While a bright bouquet of flowers may seem an obvious choice, it might be a burden if the family is required to find a suitable vase. Consider sending a full arrangement already placed in a water-holding container.

Wondering what color to send?

While there is no right or wrong answer, here is a general guide of what the different colors mean:

  • Bright colors signal that you want to cheer someone up or make them smile.
  • White is a more traditional color that can be considered peaceful.
  • Pastel colors are a more subtle way to say you care.
  • A person’s favorite color – no matter what it is — sends a personal message that you care.

Want something that lasts longer than flowers?

Consider giving a living plant as a symbol of life – many plants flower for a beautiful display, too! Just make sure the plant you choose will work with the person’s lifestyle. If the person doesn’t have a green thumb, select something easy and that will grow anywhere. Does the person have a lot of space? If not, a smaller house plant would be ideal. Read below for some options.

  • African violets are among the easiest to grow flowering houseplants. They bloom year-round with little effort.
  • The Boston fern may look delicate, but it’s not. Its arching and lacy fronds make it suitable for hanging or displaying on a pedestal.
  • Calomondin orange trees can grow to about four feet tall and wide, so this one needs a little more space. This hybrid between mandarin orange and kumquat bears fragrant white blossoms in late winter or spring. The wonderfully fragrant flowers develop into showy 1-inch-diameter orange fruits on a shrubby plant with glossy green foliage.
  • Geraniums come in many different types and colors. Most are very easy to grow.
  • Guzmania are related to pineapples. A shoot with colorful bracts arises from the center of the vase. The bright blooms may remain attractive for up to six months.

Do you have a favorite flower or plant?

If you want your family members and friends to remember you in a special way, contact us today to begin the prearrangment process. This way, you can let them know if a certain flower or plant has special meaning for you; or if you’d prefer they donate to a certain charity or organization.

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