Do you ever wonder what people will think of you when you’re gone? You can have a say in how you are remembered by recording important moments in your life for future generations. Think of it as writing your own obituary. When you write about your life, you help others get a feel for who you are, or who you were. Your loved ones will cherish the memories – even more so because the stories come directly from you. The information can be used to tell the story of your life.

Write about the good times in life, the challenges and the goals you’ve achieved. Think about what you’d like to accomplish in the future. You can always update your story as your goals change and your experiences grow.

Where to start

Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What accomplishments are you most proud of, both personally and professionally?
  3. What do you enjoy most? (hobbies, food, restaurants, etc.)
  4. Where have you lived, and what place do you consider home?
  5. How have you helped or inspired others?

Keep your answers in a safe place. At the end of your life, your loved ones will treasure your words, and will easily be able to share the information. Don’t forget to include important facts that future generations can use when researching their family history and genealogy. These facts should include your birth date, place of birth, age, residence and survivors.

The most important thing you can do is continue living your life. Set goals, enjoy every day. Live your life in the way you want to be remembered.

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