If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further than Hawthorne & WrenSM (H&WSM) at HawthorneandWren.com or www.HandW.com. The mission of this new online source of distinctive gifts is to help people find meaningful ways to support friends in need. H&W gifts can be purchased at any time, for any occasion.

H&W gifts are memorable, unique and sure to be cherished. From beautiful wreaths made of lavender to exquisite pearl earrings to delectable chocolates, H&W has something for that hard-to-buy-for person. If you need help choosing that perfect item, the Gift Finder on H&W’s website can help you. Is the person you’d like to buy a gift for passionate, spiritual, outgoing or intellectual? What does the person like to do? You input the traits; the Gift Finder helps you find the perfect gift. Of course, you may also browse through the entire site to see everything H&W has to offer.

The gifts all have a special significance and a meaningful story, summarized in the product description and written on the card that accompanies the gift. Both the recipient and the giver share in the emotional experience. For example, the Bay Wren Hand Blown Platter:

“As we walk along life’s path, we can feel the warmth of the earth beneath us and see the beauty of the blue sky above us. They remind us that we are surrounded by the wonders of nature. May this thoughtfully picked, hand-blown glass platter give you many moments of quiet reflection to help you feel the warmth and joy from all those who love you.”

Each gift comes packaged with H&W signature papers, ribbons and tissues. Chocolates, teas and dried fruit are contained in exclusive H&W tins. An embossed signature medallion and a strip of printed ribbon are included in each package. H&W is your gift company when friends need it most.

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