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You’ve shared your hopes. You’ve shared your dreams. Take the time to share your wishes.

The natural tendency to avoid thinking about, let alone planning for, death is understandable. But when you fail to plan, those you love the most will inevitably be burdened with the responsibility of making your final arrangements when their grief is most acute. Spare your loved ones from the stress of making difficult decisions at a stressful time—and invest in some peace of mind—with a membership in the Neptune Society of Northern California.*

Becoming a member is easy! All you need to do is click the button below to fill out the online membership form and submit it with a one-time payment of $40, which will be applied towards the cost of the services you select. You will receive your membership card within three weeks of the payment.




Keep the membership card we provide in your wallet to ensure that there is no confusion about your desire to be cremated.


A single call to our 24-hour number, (800) 445-3551, puts your plan into action making things easier for your loved ones.


Create a prefunded plan that locks in today’s prices, allowing you to beat inflation while removing the threat of unexpected financial costs for those you love most.



We help you develop a written plan and keep it on file in our archives, so you can be certain that your final wishes will be known.


We maintain the details needed to legally file a death certificate and will assist with the process when the time comes.


Submitting your membership documents lawfully authorizes us to perform cremation services as you have instructed.

*Membership available to Northern California residents only.

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