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For cremation services in the Belmont area, look no further than the Neptune Society of Northern California. Our dedication to the Belmont community shows in the responsible and dignified manner that we assist families at the most difficult of times.

Cremation is a flexible and environmentally gentle alternative to a traditional burial. A traditional burial requires that family members must make arrangements within a week to attend funeral services, but a cremation allows memorial services to be planned at a time that is convenient for distant friends and relatives to come into town to pay their respects. Traditional burials also often require toxic chemicals for embalming or similar procedures which can leak into the soil and groundwater around cemeteries. Cremations also free up land to be used by local businesses or homes.

Preplanning a cremation allows you to take control of how you are remembered. With the Neptune Society of Northern California in Belmont’s wide selection of cremation services and merchandise, you can create a cremation plan that reflects your unique life story. We also have special services for veterans who wish to have the honors they deserve for their cremation and their memorial service. Not only does preplanning a cremation allow you to have your say on the cremation process, but it can also save your family hundreds or even thousands in the long run. Prices for cremation rise based on inflation, but preplanning allows you to lock in today’s prices.

For more information about the cremation process at the Neptune Society of Northern California in Belmont, explore our website, call our office, or complete the form on this page. By filling out the form on this screen, you will receive a complimentary cremation planning guide which helps you organize your personal information in a place that loved ones will be able to find at the time of need. The guide also contains more information about cremation with the Neptune Society of Northern California.

Thank you for considering us to provide for you and your family at one of the most difficult yet important times in life.

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